Sm465 gear ratio change

The SM is the great predecessor of the four-speeds and remains a great choice for several Jeep applications. The AX15 is a surprisingly strong transmission, and was a serious improvement over many of its lighter-duty predecessors. The T86 is kind of a T90 knock-off. It was the transmission first offered with the Buick V6 engine.

Jeep Dana Model T90 to the Emissions Fuel Economy Conversions, Rules vs. Welcome Guest: Login or Register. SM The SM is the great predecessor of the four-speeds and remains a great choice for several Jeep applications. Deep first gear with direct-drive in fourth Extremely strong, but quite roadworthy Adaptable to essentially all of the Jeep transfer cases - GM trucks.

T98 The T98 transmission is the predecessor to the T18 and similar in appearance and design The Jeep version is adaptable with GM engines Iron case and top cover. Deep first gear with a direct-drive in fourth gear Plenty strong for any Jeep Retained with the native Jeep transfer case - in Jeeps. Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in fourth gear Stronger than the base-option transmissions during this era Compatible with the Dana Jeeps.

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Close-ratio first-gear and direct-drive in fourth Neither strong, nor suited to conversions or serious off-road use CJ Jeeps. Decently low first gear with overdrive in fifth-gear Surprisingly tough Compatible with the NP and adaptable to the DanaDana 20 and Dana 18 Jeeps. Close-ratio first-gear and overdrive in fifth gear Neither strong, nor suited to conversions or serious off-road use CJ Jeeps.

Driving and shifting the old SM465 1983 GMC K1500 Sierra Classic

Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in third-gear Fairly strong and extremely compact Compatible with the Dana 18 and easily adaptable to the Dana 20 Jeeps. Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in third-gear Fairly strong and extremely compact Compatible with the Dana 20 Jeeps. Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in third-gear Very strong and quite compact Compatible with the Dana 20 Jeeps. T14 The T14 is the T15's little brother.

T86 The T86 is kind of a T90 knock-off. It was the transmission first offered with the Buick V6 engine Compatible with the Buick V6 engine Iron case and top cover.

Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in third-gear Moderately strong and compact Compatible with the Dana 18 readily Dana 20 Jeeps.Planning a manual transmission swap in your Chevy or GM vehicle? Double-check your gear ratios. I ran a M in my Big block Chevelle with gears. Great torque. I was shifting into 3rd around town.

I then swapped a in and I run an M and it is much better all around. Great low but not so great highway speed. Gear Venders is in the future. Then someone jury rigged it in there. If you mean the 4-spd overdrive, I believe the ratios were 3. The newer aluminum cased one was similar; 3.

Saginaw 3-speed. It is a rare application, though. Your email address will not be published. Your Website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Summit Racing Equipment. Author: OnAllCylinders Staff. Craig Doescher says: October 29, at pm.

Fred says: November 1, at am. Dana R says: October 28, at pm. Fred says: January 2, at pm.The SM is one of the finest manual, off-road transmissions on the planet and it is designed to take more abuse, torque and horespower than you can probably throw at it. First and reverse gears on this tranny do NOT have synchro gears in them, as they are designed for severe duty usage. What makes it shift slower? I have never experienced anything like it except on big rigs and oil trucks. I think somone should note that it is a slower shifting tranny when they are deciding on putting it into their rig.

I am sure im not alone and other ppl are use to shifting fast not even just speed shifing. Everytime I shift it feels like the tranny is telling me NO I dont really want to. Like if I am mud bogging and im in first going slow and I start to get suck in my S10 I would bang second and get the tires spinning faster but in this case I would have to pause in the middle of it or just keep it in the gear, loosing speed and getting more stuck while I change gears or keep it in first and redline it.

So even as one of the best offroad trannys I dont really see it. Its strong but it definatly comes with its drawbacks.

GM Muncie SM465 Transmission

If your pulling uphill you want to shift fast to avoid loosing speed for example. Am I the only one that shifts fast or cares about a smooth shift without any resistance? Maybe thats how you guys drive but where I come from we like our power and now and then running thru the gears!

The NV that replaced it is a little better in that ratios are a bit closer together but it is still no snap shifter either.

A LD NV would shift quicker but you would loose granny gear and get a much lighter duty tranny. You need to figure out which is more important, winding it to RPM for every shift or have a proven sturdy tranny with a granny gear. Maybe my post will help others that are eger to do the swap to understand the difference in shift mannors and at lest expect it as I had no idea. Originally posted by porterzcustomz Thanks for all the feedback. It was really dissapointing when the day I got it installed I saw my friend with a older 2wd chevy with a less powerfull carbed and trying to keep behind him as he powerslid sideways then banged second with another posi slide and I was still trying to get it into second gear while he was chirping third gear leaving me in a could of burning rubber looking like a turtle lol.

Four Speeds

Going from the auto to the SM I noticed a very nice driveability change. With the auto when starting out the truck would rev and make alot of noise but not really go anywhere. I live on a hill and backin in my driveway or driving up the hill from a stop the auto would wind up and the TC would not lock.Register or Log In To remove these advertisements.

Web chevytrucks. I have a 69 c20 and have looked up rpm calculators for figuring out what rpms ill be running at driving speeds and theres a buch of different out comes for each rpm calculator so i figured id ask the people that actually run these trucks.

I have a sm and have decided to switch it out to 5 lug and am wondering what rpms ill be running for different gear ratios and what kind of mpg ill get also. I usually cruse around town and dont hit highway speeds much but i do at least once a week go for about a 30 mile trip id like to take my truck on in the summer. Any information on this would be great.

I can't understand why different online calculators should give you different answers, but I always do mine with a hand-held calculator. The magic number is Divide your tire diameter into that to get tire revolutions per mile, and then multiply the result by your axle ratio.

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As an example, let's say you have 31" tires and a 4. That is also your engine rpm at 60 mph. Eat lower on the food chain. Eat vegetarians.

Last edited by raycow; at AM. I have a 72 Chevy C10 that still has the 4 speed and 3. It also has Running down the highway at 65 it usually runs around to rpms. If you shoot me your email address I can send you an excel spreadsheet that will give you all the information you're looking for - I have it on my laptop from when I was considering the NV swap. You can change tire height and rear end ratios highlighted in yellow to see what the speeds look like for different ratios and tire heights.

Last edited by JJorgensen52; at AM. Find More Posts by JJorgensen Raycow thank you very much, im going to print this out tonight so i can keep it for further reference. JJorgensen52 That is awsome thank you, im deffenitally saving that lol.

Farm Built With the 3. I would think not if you used 1st gear. With the 4 speed it doesn't take a lot for it to take off. I originally had a inline six with a bad clutch so you had to baby it in 3rd and 4th or the clutch would start slipping.

Recenty just put in a with a new clutch and it seems to have plenty of power with this set up. Haven't driven it much with the new motor as I am still working out a few bugs, but will let you know more when its all finished. All transmissions are final drive ratio,then add overdrive if that's what the trans is. It looks to me like you are calling the rear you swapped out an SM? What ratio is the 5-lug rear you swapped in?

What diameter tire? Give us that info for a baseline. I'm a rough cut country gentleman" R. Originally Posted by special-K. Originally Posted by JJorgensen Last edited by LostMy65; at AM. Originally Posted by gmc 4x4.The SM was made by General Motors from to The is an intellegently designed and very well-built transmission and remains easy to locate and generally inexpensive to buy and maintain.

The strength, relatively short size and the gearing of the transmission make it a good choice for a variety of on-road and off-road situations.

It has a very good set of road manners contrasted by its enormous off-road brawn.

sm465 gear ratio change

It is also referred to as the CH or CH by factory literature. The SM is a top loaded, top shifting truck style transmission. This transmission is 12 " long and features a cast iron top cover that is retained by eight bolts. The SM case is of cast iron. The case itself is generously ribbed both vertically and horizontally.

The SM enjoys a very low compound gear at 6. The is synchronized in the 2nd through 4th gears, however 1st gear and reverse are not synchronized as one typically only engages these gears from a stop. The shifting pattern for the is in the standard "H" pattern with reverse gear being to the right side, and down. There are three principal versions of the SM, each based on the era and configuration of the transmission. There is no known mechanical superiorities to either earlier or later versions.

The earlier era of the SM include the - transmissions. There were both 2wd and 4wd versions. Internally, they are identical to each with the exception of the transmission mainshaft.

The 2wd version has a spline threaded mainshaft compatible with a driveshaft yoke, and accompanying 2wd style tailhousing.

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The later era of the SM include the - transmissions. A minor internal change of the 1st gear bushing and thrust washer occurred, in addition to a change from a shorter spline, 4wd output shaft to a spline 4wd output shaft - coinciding with the change of bolt pattern in the New Process transfer case from a figure "8" input bolt pattern to a round, six-bolt input pattern.

This pattern was also found on the and chain-driven transfer cases. Later 2wd style SM's also incorporated the same 1st gear bushing and thrust washer change, but the spline, yoked output remained identical.

These final versions had an aluminum top cover and a revised input shaft and input bearing combination. Suburbans, however, continued to use the earlier SM with the cast iron top cover. This transmission makes an excellent conversion transmission due to its adaptability into most Jeeps. Both 2wd and 4wd versions of the SM can be used equally well, and there are no inherent advantages to either one once you have installed our adapter assembly.

A turn-key SM, professionally built, adapted or OEM style and delivered to your door - ready for a variety of engines and Jeep transfer cases. Read more Dana 18 Dana 20 Dana This includes Chevy car, Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac bellhousings.

sm465 gear ratio change

However, since this transmission has such a large bearing retainer, the car size bellhousing bore is smaller than the transmission's input bearing retainer.Register or Log In To remove these advertisements. My dad is telling me to install 3. What gear ratio would work ideally with the SM gearing? About how high will my RPM's be on the highway, right now its overdrive range - rpm on the highway.

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Sounds good to me. Year range, etc. Did my research, got the axle codes I should be looking for. Now what I'm wondering is if I can use a 4WD rear axle, swap out the 6 lug axle shafts for the 5 lug axles,and everything else will be the same, offset and axle width and all that. Going to hit a couple of local yards after I get out of work in a few hours.

GM Truck Manual

Originally Posted by MalibuSSwagon. Originally Posted by Edahall. However, if towing is the primary use, then 3. Not so fun, and would wear out the old pretty quick I'm sure. Thinking I might pickup an NV to offset that issue, as long as it can take the abuse of towing.

But if you use the truck for cruising, I would consider a gear ratio less than 3. Your engine will be screaming down the highway and your fuel economy will suffer. Also, keep in mind that 3. Last edited by Edahall; at PM. So I've found a local selling a 3. Now I figure this is a good deal, what do you guys think? This is a direct bolt up, correct? Look for straight 6 or 4.

These all got numerically higher gears because they needed them.The Muncie SM is a heavy-duty, four-speed manual transmission built by General Motors for use in light and medium duty trucks from to Some applications beyond one-ton pickup trucks came with larger input shafts. Favored by off-road drivers, the SM has a very low first gear suitable for rock-crawling. The SM has developed a reputation as a highly durable transmission. The "SM" in the transmission's designation does not stand for Synchro-Mesh, contrary to popular belief.

GM literature also often referred to this as a CH, referencing Chevrolet. The SM features dual provisions for power take-offs. The versions have an aluminum top with improved shift feel. The and newer versions utilize a hydraulic clutch release, replacing a mechanical linkage in older versions. A common wear factor in the form of abuse leads to having to manually hold the gear selector in third. There have been three different output shafts for pickup trucks. Early four-wheel drive was a short 10 spline, late 4WD was long 32 spline, and all two-wheel drives were 35 spline.

Early 4WDs came mated to New Process transfer cases.

sm465 gear ratio change

The and later versions [1] [ circular reference ] came with a New Process if not a New Process was used behind the starting in when it replaced the New Process in the V-series trucks.

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sm465 gear ratio change

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SM465 Transmission

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